About us

About Pleatation
We believe that pleats are more than just a design for apparels. Everyone deserves a style that transcends fashion, the home and everyday living. We believe in all these and more, for you. That's why we focus on deconstructing and reconstructing each product, to rebirth it for the perfectly pleated touch.

Launched in 2012, we are a local pleat-focused concept store in sunny Singapore where you can find all kinds of pleats and pleated products in our huge range of apparels, accessories, as well as lifestyle products. We bring you different designs and styles with the different patterns and choices of pleats. 
We believe in providing you the best of pleats, that from the pleating process - to design - to production, it is done within our own local in-house production facilities. 

So, pick up your pleated piece today, and be comPLEAT!

How to Shop @ Pleatation 

For purchase on our online store, browse on the different products within the space and find something you love. Click on the product, choose your favourite colour and buy! 

Alternatively you can browse in our list of stockists and find the nearest location to you!
Not sure which design to buy? Select our Doorstep Stylist option and have a selection sent right to your doorstep where you can shop in the comforts of your own home. 

If there is something you want pleated which we don't have in-store, contact us and share your ideas!